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Top 10 Best Hair Shears

The following is a collection of the top hair scissors and shears for professional hair stylists. These items below are chosen by our seasoned staff and selected by professional stylists and customers like yourself. These are the Top 10 Professional Shears on the market, based on price vs. quality, durability and performance>>


Kamisori Paladin $599

Damascus Collection
  • 6.5" / 7.0" Shear Length
  • FREE Kamisori Razor - $25 Value
  • Salon Rated: 6 Star Status
  • All around and dry cutting
  • Kamisori Lifetime Warranty
  • Kamisori One-year Drop Warranty
30-Day Money Back Return Policy
A premium 6 Star rated shear, the Kamisori Paladin is the best-in-class among professional haircutting scissors available. Handcrafted from premium Japanese ATS-314 Steel and great for all around cutting including slice, slide, point, blunt cutting and high-speed cutting on dry hair. The precision angled handle provides the perfect grip for comfort and superior control.

Kasho Millennium $959

Japanese ATS-314 Steel Collection
  • ATS-314 Top Quality Japanese Steel
  • Convex Cutting Blade / Hamuguri Style
  • Kasho Lifetime Warranty
30-Day Money Back Return Policy
The Millennium Series Offest Handle is the best shear Kasho has to offer. This shear is comparable it's much higher end counterparts in the $3,000.00 range at less than a third of the price. The Millennium Series Scissors are honed with a superb cutting edge for both durability and reducing cutting resistance for a considerably reduction in hand fatigue.

Bonika Silk Crane $199

Crane Handle
  • Available in 5.0", 5.5", 6.0" Length
  • High Rockwell Japanese Steel
  • Offset "Crane" Handle
  • Flat Tension Screw
  • Lifetime Warranty from Bonika
30-Day Money Back Return Policy
Rounding out our Top 10 list is The Bonika Silk Crane, the most popular stylist scissor from Bonika Shears. The Silk is imported and made with extremely high quality Japanese steel for consistent performance and unmatched sharpness and control. Among the many features of this piece, the most stand-out quality is the price. With a price closer to that of a beginner shear, the Silk provides superior quality and longevity that can be seen only in scissors for twice the cost.

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